As a community based charity, Just Bee Productions use the creative arts to work alongside​ people at times of struggle.

This approach helps individuals & groups explore issues, needs and potential ways forward within a fun yet safe & supportive environment

additionally, part of our ethos is to build further understanding of socially pertinent issues impacting on health & wellbeing


"HMScotland is delighted to support DRYve with one event in Dundee and launch their new offer in Glasgow. DRYve is a pioneering, monthly live music event which offers a place for people in recovery to enjoy live music in an alcohol and drug-free environment"


This is one of those productions that someone has sweated over, bled into, and endured a long painstakeing Labour giving birth to it...This is an amateur cast made up of people who are recovering alcoholics or who feel strongly about this issue.


-louder than war (Drink the musical review)

Since becoming involved with Just Bee Productions I have experienced a feeling of belonging that I hadn't previously. I have been encouraged to be myself and that my contribution is valuable. I am far more appreciative of my own talents as well as those of fellow participants. Being creative in a safe environment with great people has been extremely beneficial to my own health and wellbeing as well as super fun. 

- Kevin Hamil

For me being involved with JBP has meant rediscovering the pleasure of mixing with other people - many of whom are going through the same journey - taking encouragement from the support they offer and contributing, where I can, myself

-Alistair Wyllie

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