Just Bee Productions is a charity utilising creative arts to enhance lives and provide opportunities for marginalised people.  We provide holistic support to people experiencing poverty.  Our services include twice weekly free community lunches social gatherings which often develop into one-to-one support, signposting to other services, regular arts workshops and training opportunities to help people thrive in our communities.  Our ethos is centred around building wider understanding of social-economic issues through creativity and conversation. Our principal objective is to assist people at their time of need.  We offer wrap around support to some of the most vulnerable people in the city. The overall objective is to give people the tools, information and emotional support they may need to make positive life choices and combat poverty.  Every day our staff work to encourage and inspire individuals and groups to excel beyond their current situation. These objectives are achieved through creativity, pastoral care and non-time limited support.  On a daily basis we are helping people combat poverty, addiction, mental ill-health and homelessness. Participants are wide ranging including adults and families.


"HMScotland is delighted to support DRYve with one event in Dundee and launch their new offer in Glasgow. DRYve is a pioneering, monthly live music event which offers a place for people in recovery to enjoy live music in an alcohol and drug-free environment"


This is one of those productions that someone has sweated over, bled into, and endured a long painstakeing Labour giving birth to it...This is an amateur cast made up of people who are recovering alcoholics or who feel strongly about this issue.


-louder than war (Drink the musical review)

Since becoming involved with Just Bee Productions I have experienced a feeling of belonging that I hadn't previously. I have been encouraged to be myself and that my contribution is valuable. I am far more appreciative of my own talents as well as those of fellow participants. Being creative in a safe environment with great people has been extremely beneficial to my own health and wellbeing as well as super fun. 

- Kevin Hamil

For me being involved with JBP has meant rediscovering the pleasure of mixing with other people - many of whom are going through the same journey - taking encouragement from the support they offer and contributing, where I can, myself

-Alistair Wyllie