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DRYve is an initiative that aims to provide high quality entertainment at alcohol free events. Established in January 2017 these have been running successfully in locations across Dundee City on a  monthly basis.

As well as ensuring a safe environment and warm welcome for all, there is a strong emphasis placed on providing a variety of performances in both skill and experience level and type of act. Audience participation is also encouraged with an open-mic element included at each event.

To date we have seen lots of great music by established artists from locally and afar, spoken word, movement pieces and even some proper laugh out loud comedy – most of which has been intentional.  The Dundee events are free to attend and currently take place on the last thursday of each month from 5.30-7:00pm at Meadowside St Paul 's church, Dundee.

In march 2018 we began hosting DRYve in Glasgow at the Space which was a huge success and we have since hosted a couple of special events at the Steeple Church in Dundee. in july 2018 the first Edinburgh DRYve event took place and plans are to continue to expand and take the DRYve experience as far afield as our creative juices will carry us.

DRYve Events can now be enjoyed within JustBeeProductions, when possible, once a month towards the end of the month, giving people more opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to fun-filled evenings there are some really inspirational individuals involved in the hosting and performing at the events and a really uplifting atmosphere of hope within the recovery community. Opportunity is there to not only get on stage on the night but to become involved with some of the other ongoing activities such as the Creative Groups or the super duper stage productions DRINK the musical and Next Stop Please.

Hopefully see you at a DRYve event soon.




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